Sunday, June 21, 2009

About This Blog

This blog will mostly be about my 30th year cycling adventure across North America. What I did to prepare. What I saw, heard, smelled, tasted and felt along the way. What I thought while I cycled.

This blog will probably be full of clichés, but I'm a firm believer in the fact that just because someone else has said or done something before doesn't make it any less sincere. It might not be original, but I also believe that there is a reason why few of us are the first to live our lives the way we choose to live them. And if doing or saying what someone else already has in order to fulfill my aspirations makes me cliché, I'm ok with that.

So this blog will also end up being about random things in my life, thoughts I find important at the moment ... and other moments.


On Ride Days during America By Bicycle's 2010 Across America North tour, I'll try to post the following information*:
  • Today's Mileage
  • Average Speed
  • Max Speed
  • Average BPM
  • Max BPM
  • Calories Burned
  • Actual Time in Saddle (not including time during SAG stops, lunches, photo ops)
*Data may not always be available on days when I needed to reset my bicycle computer for navigational purposes along the route.

Other Tags in this Blog:
  • Buying a Road BikeMy trials and tribulations of finding a suitable, affordable road bicycle.
  • City StreetsPosts regarding the accounts, elements and nuances of cycling in the streets of Manhattan.
  • DonationsHave you been reading my blog and wondering how you can help me make my transcontinental cycling dream a reality? Probably not. But if you have, click here.
  • Ellen DeGeneres' quest for world dominationMy attempt at helping Ellen's quest for world domination conquer the states on America By Bicycle's 2010 Across America North Tour.
  • Job #1Executive assistant by day to two Senior Vice Presidents at my place of primary employment in corporate New York City (Update: I transitioned into a new role assisting an upper-level executive at the same company in May 2010).
  • Job #2Cocktail server by night at a Midtown Manhattan lounge (Friday and Saturday nights from September 2009 - March 2010; Saturday nights only from April - May 2010); I picked up a second job to serve as primary funding for my summer cycling tour and received donations from these sponsors.
  • Product reviewsCasual mentions or un-authoritative reviews of products used throughout my tour.

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