Saturday, August 15, 2009

Let the Savings Begin ✔

I opened a money market account with USAA and transferred $500 from my checking account to begin "Katie's Cycle Across North America Fund". It's not a huge amount, considering that I need to find a way to earn and save an extra $1500 a month between now and June 2010 (without being evicted from my tiny Manhattan apartment), but $500 is a starting point.

In order to get a snapshot of what my estimated expenses will be in the summer of 2010, I outlined an approximate budget for my tour, including personal needs outside of the $6,750 AbyB tour costs. I hope to have a more accurate budget within the next few months.

Approximate Budget
Cost estimates for The Cross America North Tour hosted by America By Bicycle (AbyB) June 20 - August 9, 2010:
1. AbyB Registration Deposit - $250
2. AbyB 3-Occupany Tour Rate* - $6,750 (less the $250 deposit)
3. Access America Travel Insurance - TBD
4. Medical insurance if my company does not approve me for unpaid leave and I ultimately decide to resign - TBD
5. June rent* - $1150
6. July rent** - $1150
7. August rent - $1150
8. One-way airfare from NYC to Astoria, OR - <$500
9. One-way airfare from Portsmouth, NH, to NYC - <$500
10. Standard, diamond frame Touring/Racing bicycle - $600-1,500 according to AbyB
11. Bicycle shipping costs from NYC to Astoria, OR - TBD
12. Bicycle shipping costs from Portsmouth, NH, to NYC - TBD
13. Cycling gear (e.g. helmet, attire, small cycling back pack, miscellaneous equipment) - TBD
14. Athletic undergarments and socks - $50
15. Daily allowance ($15/day)*** - $750
16. Wireless cellphone plan with reliable nationwide service (with unlimited out-of-network texts for all my tweets!) -
Cost of new phone, activation fee, and $75-100
*Assuming our rent doesn't increase when we renew our lease on June 1.
**My portion of the monthly rent for the two-bedroom Hell's Kitchen apartment I share with two girls - just in case I cannot find a suitable renter to sublet my bedroom from June 20 - August 9, 2010.
***Overnight accommodations, breakfast, dinner and SAG stops are provided daily (minus rest days) throughout the 50-day tour

Total Estimated Costs: $15,000.00
TBD estimates will be updated as they are determined

If I can get my estimated costs down or earn some extra money, I hope to add the price of a 13-inch Apple MacBook Pro to my budget so that I can blog my way across North America in style! And maybe an Apple iPhone for tweeting my way across the United States! I really just want an excuse to finally spend the money on an iPhone - despite my high rate of cell phone droppage and distructionage!

If you feel like sliding your hard-earned cash my way instead of making your housing or car payment this month or want to sacrifice those extra martinis at happy hour in my honor, I will gladly accept your dollars, ekwele, pounds, yen, etc. via the "Donate" button in the right-hand margin of my blog.

I understand we're in a recession so I won't be holding my breath (need to stay alive over the next year in order to cycle) for donors who wish to contribute to a non-charitable, non-tax-deductible, personal initiative, but your visit to my blog and your [continued] readership is valued and appreciated. I hope you'll still be with me next summer as I blog and tweet across North America!

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