Monday, April 26, 2010

Century Training - Week 7

Total Miles Cycled in Week 6: 93.43

Mon: Upper Body Strength Routine #1; 12 miles (easy)
Tues: Lower Body Strength Routine #3; 15 miles (pace)
Wed: Upper Body Strength Routine #2; 24 miles (brisk)
Thurs: Lower Body Strength Routine #2; Off 13 miles (brisk)
Fri: Upper Body Strength Routine #3; 15 miles (pace)
Sat: 59 miles (pace)
Sun: 18 miles (pace)

Week 7 Scheduled Mileage: 143

Strength training routines at the gym: M-F, 6am
Century training rides: M-W, F, 7pm; Sat, 9am; Sun, 7:30am
Core-specific exercise routine: M, W, F after evening rides (3x per week)

Random Notes to Self:
  • I would probably have notes if I had been able to closely follow Week 6 of my 10-week century training program, but I was relieved that my long-ride on Saturday (53 miles) was relatively comfortable.
"'Easy' means taking a leisurely ride, 'pace' means matching the speed you plan to maintain for the century, and 'brisk' means cycling faster than your century pace."
- America by Bicycle's Century Challenge & Endurance Cycling Training Guide, reproduced with permission by Rodale Press


Katie said...

ok, so as if you weren't already way too beautiful... now you're going to be more athletic than all of us too! Can you give us something, KT!? Just something... ooh, I know, I bet I can eat more white chocolate covered oreos than you... phew, now I feel better :D

Anonymous said...

i agree with the other katie. thanks a whole lot for nothing, katie (as in you katie).

caroll said...

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