Thursday, June 17, 2010

On the Eve

Tomorrow I fly to Portland, Oregon. I'm on the eve of ... of ... what? My big 30th summer adventure? The 50 days that are going to unveil some sort of euphoria in my life? The journey to the best legs I've ever had?

There are some people who deserve mention and a special thanks for their support of my physical and emotional journey to even embark on such a trip. I began this blog nearly a year ago with anticipation of unknown challenges, doubt of success, dread of failure - but not fear of (there's a difference) - and hope.

To those who contributed financially to the celebration of my milestone. Your generosity greatly alleviated the pressure that weighed me down between my two jobs. In order of contribution:

Adrienne Avery. My sorority sister, close friend, and the first to contribute to my goal. I still believe in Team DrieInNYC.

Natasha Strength. My first roommate in New York City, who made it possible for me to vacate my uptown studio and live in a two-bedroom apartment that was "a block away" from everything in the center of Manhattan, thank you.

Family Member, who wishes to remain anonymous. You know who you are. Thank you for all the things I cannot mention in this blog that would reveal your identity.

Family Friend, who remains anonymous due to the sheer volume of his generosity. Without your donation of $7000, I would have been drown by my own determination and inevitable failure to achieve the financial means to meet my goal. You are family.

Aunt Judy & Jerry. I inherited your beautiful handwriting, crafty style and premature gray hairs, Aunt Judy (smile). I hope my life also proves that I inherited your warm heart and generous nature. Thank you.

Mom & Dad. You gave me life. I am consciously, endlessly grateful for your support of my ambitions, even when they scare you - whether it's moving to New York City without an apartment, a job or a prayer - or deciding to cycle across North America. Thank you.

My brother, David. You're truly one heck of a brother. You know I love you.

Mark & Karen Koltz. Somewhere along the way, Karen, I will take a photo with Mark, wearing your pink and yellow Terry jersey and Trek gloves. We'll see you in New Hampshire.

LaShonda Lewis [Jones]. Ex-roomie. Forever Friend. Lifelong sorority sister. We've come a long way since Peak Drive, Mrs. Jones! Thank you for helping me continue to go further.

Holly Rokas & Rayland Van Blake. You're my New-York-City Fred & Ethel Mertz. Double dates when I get back to the city. Thank you for helping to make it possible for me to leave for a short while.

Monique Douglas. Are you not entertained? Mutiny is afoot! Shan't. Love you.

Vy Trong. I hope you marry my brother. Yea, I said it.

Tricia Hicks. Your donation touched me as deeply as the others, not because of history of friendship or mutual experience, but by sharing snippets of our lives in the blogosphere that made our acquaintance. You are a friend. Thank you.

Mayra Villacres, Jacquelyn West, Elizabeth Bolen, Crystal Rozier. My NC-meets-NYC girls!

BJ Mosely. Yall pop Dom, but not Rosé.

Jessica Neal. You, me and Monique are all standing at edges. All we have to do is jump.

Terrence Woodyard. With you, I know I'll never lose myself.

Thank you.


Anonymous said...

wait what happened to thanking china gourmet & r&a cycles? hmmm what's up with that?

Katie said...

Nothing gets by you, Bianca.

Thank you, China Gourmet, for helping me pack on the extra carbs.

And thank you, R&A Cycles, for enabling me to spend more and more money.

On a more serious note, there are more thank you's coming in another post. :)

Monique said...

Love you Katie. Can't believe your lil ticker says "2 days"!! Man has time flown by. Have nothing but faith in you!!!!

Anonymous said...

YAY! Have fun! Team Drie-n-NYC by New Years!

Katie said...

Monique, that lil' ticker is on London time, but yea - two days is about right.

Jackie West said...

aaahhh Im soooo proud of you!!!!! Good luck on this amazing adventure ....Ill be following for sure :) The excitement starts soon!!!

Mayra said...

I love your blogs because you are not just a great writer but also because the preparation to this journey has taking you away a little from us and that was for the most part the most accurate way to find out about you. But we are proud of you; I am proud of you and will always support you and everything you do. Not only because I love you but also because (as I told you before) you are always part of wonderful things. I know you will take the best of this adventure, I wish you the best and I will be waiting for you to see those legs and see pictures and celebrate everything else! :)