Saturday, June 19, 2010

Welcome to Astoria, OR

Any latent apprehension I had about this journey was released when I arrived in Astoria yesterday evening. What negative energy could not be erased by a sunset like that?

And when I checked in at the hotel, I had mail - other than Maddy, who arrived a few hours earlier by FedEx Ground. It was a greeting card from Bianca with encouraging words that sealed the lid on my coffin of hesitation: 

This is the start of the trip you've been preparing and sacrificing for. I applaud your tenacity on this endeavor in your life. And I expect to read and hear all about it. Take this much needed time to explore this great country, see new sights and let your mind wander to thoughts it has set aside. You have wonderful friends and family supporting you ... we'll be there throughout this trip if you need us. So onward, my Katie! Bike across this damn country!

More images from Astoria:


islandgirl said...

Hi Katie,

I've been a silent follower of your bike blog, and I just wanted to wish you the absolute best. I will be following your adventures across the US and I look forward to all the beautiful stories and photographs you will share. For me, 30 was over a decade ago, but I still remember being at that age. I applaud your goals and for wanting to do something like that. Just imagine telling your grandchildren about your adventures! I just got back on a bike recently though just for exercise and pleasure as it is only a cruiser bike. But what a feeling to enjoy nature and the outdoors from a bike. Good luck and be strong!

citywendy said...

Just catching up on your blog after my move to Brooklyn this weekend. Have a WONDERFUL time this summer. You've earned all the incredible moments you're sure to have. Soak it all up.