Sunday, July 18, 2010

Day 28: Rest Day

Today's Mileage: 0

Last night, Alex, Andrew and I experienced Saturday night in Sioux Falls. We went to Borrowed Bucks Roadhouse, the nightclub voted "Best Dance Floor in Town". And I guess it was the best in town, if you're able to find (and keep) your groove during a DJ set that included "Too Close" by Next, a forgettable Mariah Carey Song, a throwback hit by Salt-N-Pepa, and "Winds of Change" ... in that order. I was sure they were going to pull out "The Thong Song". It wasn't exactly my scene, but with a tendency to compare all things that are New York to all things that aren't, I tried to to be nonjudgemental.

Alex and I had been hoping to learn how to country line dance and do si do with some old men in cowboy hats; apparently that might only be on Monday nights. I have to admit, it took me awhile to shake my disappointment. However, Alex and Andrew made the evening fun. They're the type of people that you could take anywhere. I tried to feed off their energy even though I was sleepy, my knees were sore and my Achilles Tendon was stiff. All in all, absolutely no regrets.

More loved ones joined us in Sioux Falls to spend time with their cyclists on the rest day. One special guest in particular was Huey, Todd's six-year old son. Todd adopted him in Singapore - and with his partner Patrick - has been raising Huey in Hong Kong, where Todd works for one of the most influential companies in media. On the way to Chamberlain, Todd told me about his experience with the adoption process abroad. His story warms the heart. Throughout the rest day, I kept thinking about how Todd and Patrick have completely changed Huey's life. And how Huey has undoubtably changed theirs.

Huey's varieties of smiles have solidified my desire to adopt at least one child if I ever have a family of my own.

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Monique said...

Aaaaw yaay! You should definitely consider adoption!:) And btw, i was imagining your experience on "the best dance floor in town" and am cracking up...