Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Bicycle Seat & the Female Anatomy 101

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Ill-equiped bicycle seats can cause male - and female - impotence. Maybe all true cyclists are fully aware of the genitalia-related dangers associated with improper or poorly adjusted bicycle seats, but this came as news to me. I knew there could be a matter of discomfort but not major seat-inflicted health issues.

Thanks to Oprah and Dr. Oz for drawing national attention to this very important cycling issue ... for without them, my friend Debasha would not have expressed her concern - to my wide-eyed, open-mouthed, blank stare over lattes in the Starbucks on 51st and Broadway - that I could face bicycle-seat-imposed female impotence and overgrown bacterial issues on the road (due to poor blood and air circulation - who knew?).

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In the meantime, should a bill be submitted to my gym for legislation on spinning bicycle seat reform?


darchi1d said...

Ugh yuck!! You know what you should do? You should take a pillow wrap it in saran wrap and then duct tape it to your bicycle seat!!! Then when you get to your destinations you'll have a little piece of home that you can lay your head on right there with you. (There may have a bit of an odor but you'll be so tired you won't even notice)

There, I probably just saved you $300 bucks for the cost of a new seat and that should definitely save you on the impotence thing. You're WELCOME!!

Monique said...