Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Part Time Job Ideas

Thank you to everyone who commented on the August 9th post regarding secondary part time job ideas. Here are some of the best ideas I have received via email.

From Amanda:
- Since you live near a ton of restaurants, apply for hostess positions.
- You really appreciate living in NYC; become a city tour guide! There's a test that you must pass, and I'm not sure if there are fees involved, etc.
- See if your friend with the fashion website can get you a part time job at a boutique or
clothing store.
- Columbus Village, a new retail development, is opening near my apt on Upper West Side. Many new stores will be opening, including a Whole Foods, Borders, Crumbs and Modell's (97th & Columbus).
- See if any libraries have openings (I live next door to a library and have asked before!)
- Mass email your coworkers and offer to walk dogs, babysit, run errands.

From Anne Caroline:
Sensible Sitters - a private babysitting and nanny placement agency servicing families in Manhattan, Los Angeles, and The Hamptons
Retail sales at Saks Fifth Avenue
Part time Bridal Registrar Consultant at Macy's

From DJ Jon Quick:
Liquor promotions!! Good part time money and you will be in the clubs having fun! I could put you in contact with some folks from a couple brands if you'd like.

From Katie G.:
Hmmmm like nights and weekends?Is this just for something to do or are you looking to make some money? I would say cocktailing, as you can make tons of money in just a few nights a week. I used to only work Friday nights in Chicago and would make $300 a night. You're cute and that makes all the diff. xxxx

More ideas here.

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