Sunday, August 9, 2009

Be Approved for Unpaid Leave ... Pending

As I mentioned when I began blogging about my goal to cycle across North America in honor of my 30th Year ...

On August 9, 2010, a group of cyclists will dip their front wheels into the chilly Atlantic waters in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, at the conclusion of a 50-day, 3,629-mile journey across North America.

It looks like I'll be one of them!

The approval process for unpaid leave with my company is going well. My managers are on-board and our Human Resources department has had a very positive response.

My boyfriend returns to Japan on August 24 to begin his next 10-month basketball season ... so I'll soon begin my hunt for a second/weekend job to earn money exclusively to fund my tour.

Suggestions for weekend job ideas in Manhattan are welcomed via your comments. Legal opportunities only please. Though I can't guarantee that I'm ruling anything out ...


darchi1d said...

I've heard professional pole dancers make a pretty penny in NY. And from what I understand professional pole dancer companies are always on the lookout for new talent!!! Especially on the weekends.

Bobby said... could always be a pan handler! I remember watching a 60 minute episode where a NY pan handler was an accountant by trade. He, however, made more money doing his "second job" than he did at his accounting firm. Furthermore, it's tax-free money!

But seriously, I think you should start a website and solicit donations and sponsorships. How popular is this event? Is it something corporations or local business will be willing to put their logo on for exposure?

Bianca said...

have you thought about being a hostess at an upscale restaurant or a bartender?? night time or weekend concierge at hotel?? PERSONAL TRAINER!!?? lol

but i agree with bobby... you might get a sponsor if you promote on your blog and take pictures of you wearing the logo while riding... your job could be interested in that

The Brooklyn Boy said...

If you can stomach retail, I had a GREAT experience at Barnes & Noble a few years back. They love having flex hours (if you can offer regular-ish days) and you get a great discount and can borrow any hardcover in the store for 2 weeks.