Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Second Job Saga

Thursday, August 27
Interviewed for a part time cocktail serving position in a posh lounge in the penthouse and roofdeck of a Midtown hotel at approximately 7pm. Was hired at approximately 7:05pm and told that I need to buy short, cuffed, white Abercrombie & Fitch shorts, a ruched, black Victoria's Secret tank top, and black pumps or open-toed sandals with at least a 1" heel for remainder of summer and early fall cocktail serving shifts. Will be provided with black cocktail dress for winter season. Was asked to begin training on the evening of Tuesday, September 1.

Friday, August 28
Spent following day in the office at place of full time primary employment (as usual). Left office at almost 7pm on a Friday. Called Abercrombie & Fitch at 57th & Fifth to inquire about said shorts around 8pm. Was told that all shorts have been pulled off the floor to make room for the fall collection; try website. Tried the website. Only option appeared to be khaki Macey shorts: 98% cotton/2% lycra, leather and twill belt, cuffed hems, Vintage Abercrombie Wash, Classic Fit, Imported for $50. Didn't consider the black and white options. Other cocktail servers shorts had appeared to be light khaki under dim lounge lighting. Did not know my size at Abercrombie & Fitch. Ordered a size 6 and a size 8. Realized that I needed to add $20 for Next Business Day Air in order to receive the shorts by Tuesday, September 1 (all orders must be placed by noon EST, Monday-Friday). Called Victoria's Secret. Asked if tank tops are carried in any of their Manhattan stores. Referred to website for clothing. Found black, ruched tank tops. Ordered two small tops (size 6-8 according to the size chart). Paid $17.99 for Next Business Day Express shipping for receipt by Tuesday, September 1 (all orders must be placed by 1pm EST, Monday-Friday). Requested delivery at the office since my apartment building does not have a doorman. Went through closet and found my black Michael Kors open-toed, heeled sandals. Put them on. Walked around in my apartment to evaluate whether they'd be comfortable enough for a 6-8 hour shift. Decided they'd do.

Monday, August 31
Had not yet received overnight shipment notifications from Abercrombie & Fitch and Victoria's Secret by end of the day. Remembered the "Upon payment approval, your order will be processed" and "Pending credit card authorization, we will ship your in-stock items and will charge your American Express card as the items are shipped" disclaimers in the order confirmation emails. Worried that perhaps there may have been an issue with payment authorization.

Tuesday, September 1
Arrived in the office at place of full time primary employment around 8:45am. Check email and was relieved to see shipment notifications verifying overnight shipment receipt for September 1st. Received all items at my desk by noon. Left the office at 6pm and walked 10 blocks and four avenues to my apartment. Freshened up. Tried on shorts and tops. Size 6 Abercrombie & Fitch shorts were too big. Size 6 Victoria's Secret tops were too tight. Wore them anyway. Walked five blocks and two avenues to the hotel. Proceeded to the lounge on the penthouse level. Noticed beautiful views of Midtown. Realized I didn't have the right shorts. Other cocktail servers' shorts were definitely white and much tighter than I had remembered. Was permitted to train anyway. Liked the girls I met. Most are aspiring actors or singers. Makes them interesting. Think my manager is pretty cool. Began learning the computer system with a bartender. Shadowed another cocktail server. Realized that cocktail serving is more overwhelming than I had anticipated. Have really only ever drank Pinot Noir and Ketel One & soda. There will definitely be a learning curve. Didn't know to ask what kind of whiskey a customer would like in their Manhattan. Didn't know the difference between a dirty martini and one with a twist. Had to ask what "straight up" meant. Kind of embarrassed to admit that I'm 29. Had never tasted a Japanese lychee. Learned that I really like them. Plan to buy a can at the grocery store. Plan to eat them straight out of the can. Enjoyed the sexy, chic atmosphere of the lounge. Ignored the frustration of having to get a second job. Admired the crimson sunset over the Hudson River.

Wednesday, September 2
Checked Abercrombie & Fitch's website and revisited section with Macey shorts shortly after returning from training just after midnight. Realized there were black and white options in addition to khaki. Selected white. Only sizes [currently] available were 0, 2 and 8. Remembered that the bartender had mentioned $13 shorts at H&M as a suitable alternative. Plan take the shorts to the Abercrombie & Fitch store at 57th and Fifth in lieu of spending $7 on return shipping. Will call Victoria's Secret to exchange small tops for mediums. Will have to spend $5.99 to return initial online order to Victoria's Secret. Have to wear the small top again Thursday night. Hope I can find the right shorts after I leave the office at 6pm. Going to Durham, NC, for Labor Day Weekend to meet my new baby godson. Hope that the medium tops will arrive before next week's continued training. Will deal with small top in the meantime and return both when the mediums arrive. Plan to continue familiarizing myself with the lounge's website and sister properties. Should probably consider these books, but have already invested enough money in starting this job via overnight shipping charges. Skimmed the 12,300+ cocktail recipes on Ignored creeping overwhelmed feeling in pit of my stomach. Went back to and searched again. Liked the list of "Most Popular" cocktails at Will use it to familiarize myself with what is actually in various drinks. Need to remember to take the bar menu home with me after training on Thursday evening. Will study it while I walk to and from the office. Can't wait to meet my godson.

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Monique said...

Bring the bar menu this weekend too...u can look at it on the plane, while godson/mommy naps, etc.