Thursday, September 3, 2009

Second Job Saga Continues

Update from Yesterday's Post:
Visited several H&Ms in Midtown Manhattan as recommended by one of the bartenders. Nothing really left in stores from the summer season. Stopped by the Abercrombie & Fitch flagship store at 57th and Fifth. Hard to get anyone to give me the time of day in there. Called the other store at South Street Seaport. Was placed on hold twice for more than 7 minutes each time by the same sales representative. Gave up. Got home around 9:30pm. Emailed my boss at the second job to explain the situation. Had not received a response by 10 o'clock this morning. Chose to place an exchange order through Saw that the Macey shorts, originally priced at $50, are now on sale for $24.90. Decided to take a shot at the size 2 white shorts (no size 4 available). Ordered a khaki size 4 and a 2 (just to be safe) in case my manager tells me to just stick with the khaki shorts I had already bought (but size 6 is too big). Placed order. Standard delivery charge waived; estimated delivery date: Monday, September 14. Will just return what I can't/don't wear. Received email reply from my manager shortly after placing the order:
Katie, Don't worry about it its the end of the season and soon we will be changing into the black dress the girls wear. Don't worry about it. Wear the shorts you have.

Trying not to calculate all the money I have already spent to start working this second part time job.

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Monique said...

DAANG!!!! Man that sucks. It's ok'll get it back in tips alone.