Friday, September 4, 2009

Second Job Saga Continues to Continue

I swear it seems like New York City has been trying to give me another good "if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere" survival story. As if I really need anymore of those.

Even the simplest of tasks, such as find short, cuffed, white shorts has become mission impossible. Doubtful that size 2 ordered from A&F yesterday will fit. Director of operations is ok with khaki shorts through end of summer season; office manager is not. Back to drawing board. Was referred to J.Crew website by office manager.

Went straight to the lounge (job #2) from office yesterday at 6pm. Feet burning by 9pm. Learned that I can change into black, flat dress shoes or boots after midnight. Didn't know this. Didn't have any options. Was sent home at 1am. Stopped by Stone Rose Lounge to say a quick hi and happy birthday at Tiffany's surprise birthday party.

Finally climbed four flights of stairs to apartment at 1:35am. Apartment doorknob and lock had finally had enough; permanently jammed. Have been asking landlord to fix doorknob (and two stovetop eyes and toilet seat cover) for almost three months. Called landlord. Straight to voicemail. Called super. Isn't a locksmith. Called locksmith. Sat in hallway while Natasha and her boyfriend (who is coincidentally an engineer) tried to take doorknob apart from inside. Continued to sit in hallway while her boyfriend removed entire door from hinges. Finally started packing suitcase for Labor Day Weekend trip to Durham, NC. Waited for locksmith to arrive. Still packing. Waited almost two hours for locksmith to put door back on hinges, replace doorknob and lock. Saw "3:48am" luminated on cell phone. Fell asleep across my bed. Still in cocktail serving clothes.

Woke up when Natasha's boyfriend told me that the locksmith was ready for payment. Swiped $473.17 on my credit card. Looked at cell phone. 4:24am. Reset 5:40am gym alarm for 7am wake-up. Overslept and woke up after 8 o'clock. Dragged carry-on suitcase, matching tote and bag of laundry down four flights of stairs.

Dropping off laundry sucks when you're dragging luggage. Dragging luggage sucks when you're late for work (to job #1 at the office). Office closed early in honor of the Labor Day Weekend. Left the city at 2pm and went to LaGuardia. Couldn't believe I was wheeling a suitcase full of baby clothes and supplies through an airport before I'm 30. Still excited to be a godmom.

Will go back to writing in complete sentences when mood improves.


Monique said...

Man, that sounds so stressful! :(

Bianca said...

awwwww :o( .... you're tough... its just one those brief moments but you're gonna make it! you've got crazy amounts of support to push you through :o)