Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Second Job "Start-Up" Costs

I had a wonderful weekend visiting my 5-week old godson in North Carolina. Returned to the city yesterday morning on a 6am flight from Durham. Went straight from the airport to the office and then crashed last night after unpacking and uploading baby photos on facebook. Can't believe I'm one of those people now.

Currently in the office (job #1). Taking a quick 15 minutes out of my lunch hour to blog. Have my third night of training at the lounge (job #2) tonight after I leave the office.

Calculated initial "start-up" costs to serve cocktails at a particular lounge in Midtown Manhattan:
Abercrombie & Fitch shorts, sizes 6 & 8 (pre-web sale): ($50.00 x 2) $100.00
A&F sales tax: $0.00
A&F overnight shipping: $20.00
Victoria's Secret ruched cami bra top, size smalls: ($19.50 x 2) $39.00
VS sales tax: $0.00
VS overnight shipping: $24.98
Michael Kors 3" heel, peep-toe, strappy sandal [in my closet]: $0.00
A&F shorts, two size 2s & one size 4 [wrong color & size 6 was too big], (web sale): ($24.90 x 3) $74.70
A&F sales tax: $0.00
A&F exchange shipping (to receive new order): $0.00
A&F return shipping [will return merchandise at flagship store on Fifth Ave and save $7 in shipping fees]: $0.00
VS ruched cami bra top, size mediums [smalls were too tight]: ($19.50 x 2) $39.00
VS sales tax: $0.00
VS exchange shipping (to receive new order): $0.00
VS return shipping (to return old order): $5.99
J.Crew shorts [back-up in case the A&F sizes 2 or 4 don't fit]: $29.99
[Durham] NC sales tax: $2.32
Steve Madden Women's Tyller Flat Boots, black suede, size 7/12 M (permissible to remove high heels after midnight and switch to flat boots or shoes): $79.95 sales tax: $0.00 overnight shipping promotion: $0.00
Total spent: $415.93

UPDATE: Received the A&F and VS exchanged items and boots today, just in time for my third night of training. Size 2 shorts fit! Unbelievable.

Calculated total "start-up" credits:
A&F shorts, sizes 6 & 8 (pre-web sale): ($50.00 x 2) $100.00
A&F shorts, one size 2 & one size 4, (web sale): ($24.90 x 2) $49.80
VS ruched cami bra top, size smalls: ($19.50 x 2) $39.00
J.Crew shorts: $29.99
[Durham] NC sales tax: $2.32
Total to be refunded: $221.11

Ending "start-up" costs less the returned merchandise credits: $194.82
And the summer season is almost over. Will soon switch to the black cocktail dresses (thankfully provided by the lounge).

Again, whenever you're having drinks in some trendy Midtown lounge, just remember - it could be me. In fact, it will be anybody, hustling to make that dollar for whatever their needs or dreams might be. Twenty percent gratuity is always greatly appreciated.

I promise that this really will be a blog about cycling across North America in 2010.


X!ne said...

I'm a little confused. Do I need to donate $1 per mile? Or can I donate a smaller amount?

Katie said...

X!ne, hahaha! If you want to sponsor any of my ride, you must sponsor ALL 3,629 miles for $1 per mile! Just kidding! You can sponsor 1 mile or 5 at $1 a mile ... you can even sponsor 20 miles at 50 cents! I appreciate any amount, but please know that I am not expecting you to do so just because we're friends! Emotional support via this blog is just as valuable.