Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Receive Approval for Unpaid Leave ✔

It's official. My bosses at my primary employment (two senior vice presidents at job #1) have approved my request for unpaid employment leave from June 19 - August 15, 2010 so that I can join the America by Bicycle "Across America North" tour from June 20 - August 9.

Human Resources has confirmed that there are no additional steps at this time. Eight weeks prior to my departure, I will need to meet with HR about covering my own medical and dental benefits while I'm on unpaid leave. I'm sure we'll also need to hire and train a temp to cover my roles and responsibilities while I'm out of the office. I'll probably also use that eight-week mark to share my plans with my supervisor at the Midtown lounge [job #2] since I am only a part time cocktail server with no supplemental employment benefits.

Given the significant tour costs, it is recommended that I have insurance to cover any unexpected trip cancellations or interruptions. I'm considering the deluxe comprehensive plan through Access America, the travel insurance carrier recommended at AmericaByBicycle.com, which could possibly also serve as my primary emergency medical coverage while I'm on unpaid leave with my primary employer.

Below is a side-by-side comparison of the basic, classic and deluxe plans offered by Access America.

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Insurance for a 30-year old, planning an organized tour from 6/18/10 - 8/15/10 (spanning the full number of days I will be on unpaid employment leave without benefits), with non-refundable tour and travel costs, and living in NY were quoted as follows.
Access America Basic plan: $305.00
Access America Classic plan: $364.00
Access America Deluxe plan: $525.00

I have a few more months to decide which plan I will purchase once I submit my America by Bicycle tour registration and $250.00 deposit in December. Your comments and suggestions are welcomed.


Anonymous said...

I would go with the Classic. It is not that much more expensive than the Basic and you get more money for medical transportation. God forbid you have to get air lifted to a hospital but at least you would be covered if you did.

Either way...congrats on getting leave from your job. You are fortunate to work for a company cool enough to let you do this! Yay you!

Anonymous said...

I couldn't log in! I forgot my password, but this is Jessica.ok so this Electronic sporting/equipment coverage...is that for your actual bike too? That's the only perk I see on the last selection - if that's not something you need, then i agree with Resident Diva.I also agree with you and the idea of sticking to the insurance that AmericaByBike suggests b/c they know who specializes in what YAAY