Thursday, March 18, 2010

Century Training - Week 1; Day 4

Day: 4
Ride: Off-Day
Scheduled Mileage: 0
Actual Mileage: 0

Random Notes to Self:
  • Had to skip my 6:30pm Bikram Yoga class because I (conveniently) forgot to bring my yoga clothes with me to the office. Whut? [Said like Weezer in Steel Magnolias] I don't get out of the office until 6 o'clock. I'm just saying ...
  • Need to start thinking about how to cater my nutrition plan for ride performance.
America By Bicycle's Century Challenge & Endurance Cycling Training Guide provides a brief overview and some valuable insight into developing a nutrition plan that improves your energy and endurance for short and long rides. It outlines the basics of using carbohydrates, fats and glycogen to fuel your rides and stresses the need for long-term commitments to both training and balanced, proactive nutrition intake.

I've only strategically begun to use protein to aid muscle recovery after my weight lifting workouts within the last two years, but I've never had a full-fledged athletic nutrition performance plan. As I continue to increase mileage, I know that I'm going to need to follow one.

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