Monday, March 22, 2010

Century Training - Week 2; Day 1

Day: 1
Ride: Easy
Route: Hilly
Scheduled Mileage: 7
Actual Mileage: 8.45
Average Speed: 12.8 mph*
Max Speed: 23.2 mph
*Includes city street speed average

Average BPM: 130
Max BPM: 160
Calories: 252

Random Notes to Self:
  • Road splatter is no joke (Is that what it's called? Ok. Yea.).
  • Seriously. Why did a restaurant bicycle delivery boy, on a rickety bicycle with a large wire basket, pass me on The Great Hill in Central Park?
  • Frustrated that my new Sci'con Saddlebag Compact "430" (which I purchased [sigh] almost purely for aesthetics and its convenient "roller system" design) apparently is not waterproof.

So much for my plan to eat my way across North America in Chinese food. I was really feeling the need for more efficient muscle recovery this morning when I struggled through my four deadlift and lunge supersets. I had broken a sweat by my second set of deadlifts ... and it was my first exercise of the morning - and my first leg-routine workout since Friday.

I also understand now why most cyclists stay off wet roads. There were quite a few bicycles in the city streets (e.g. commuters, messengers, delivery boys), but I was one of few in "full cycling regalia" (shout out to my roommate, B) who braved the roads in Central Park this evening. I thought I could squeeze in a quick 7-mile ride during the evening break in the clouds without getting too messy.

I was wrong.

I was relatively protected in my barrier jacket and AmFIB tights, but the road splatter from the paved roads in Central Park covered my wheels, gears, shoes and even my seat and saddle bag in sticky, wet splattered muck. I guess most of that had been washed away when I cycled in the downpour on March 14 so I hadn't noticed much road splatter residue. I usually wipe down Maddy's wheels after each ride because I hate to drag the city street dust into my tiny Midtown apartment, but in contrast to the water and mild grime I quickly and easily wiped off after my rainy ride last week, I spent nearly 30 minutes tonight cleaning the tires, spokes, gears, pedals and the entire seat and saddle bag.

Props to the New York road runner clubs and other joggers who never seem to let the threat of road splatter keep them away from the park. I, on the other hand, am really bummed about the prospect of all the miles I may have to get in on a stationary bicycle at the gym when the weather is bad or the streets are too wet.

As for the restaurant delivery boy, who breezed by me on The Great Hill this evening, I hope he is just used to it because it's a regular part of his delivery route. Yea, that's what I'll keep telling myself. At least, I was breathing a little easier on this evening's assent.

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Monique said...

The delivery boy is used to it for sure! It's his job...have no fear my dear, ya done good ;)