Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Century Training - Week 2; Day 3

Day: 3
Ride: Pace
Route: Hilly
Scheduled Mileage: 11
Actual Mileage: 11.85
Average Speed: 15.7 mph*
Max Speed: 25.8 mph
*Includes city street speed average

Average BPM: 150
Max BPM: 173
Calories: 378

Random Notes to Self:
  • Love the bicycle lanes on Broadway in Times Square; you don't get anywhere particularly fast, but they're convenient.

It often amazes me that my dim, quiet Hell's Kitchen apartment, nestled just beyond Eighth Avenue, is only a block away from the bright lights and boisterous hustle of Times Square. If I don't wander around the corner or ride through it on my bicycle when returning from Central Park, I often forget it's there.

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