Monday, April 5, 2010

Century Training - Week 4

Total Miles Cycled in Week 3: 108.53

Mon: Upper Body Strength Routine #1; 8 miles (easy)
Tues: Lower Body Strength Routine #1; 14 miles (pace)
Wed:  Upper Body Strength Routine #2; 17 miles (brisk)
Thurs: Lower Body Strength Routine #2; Off
Fri: Upper Body Strength Routine #3; 14 miles (pace)
Sat: 42 miles (pace)
Sun: 13 miles (pace) 

Week 4 Scheduled Mileage: 108

Strength training routines at the gym: M-F, 6am
Century training rides: M-W, F, 7pm; Sat, 9am; Sun, 7:30am

Random Notes to Self:
  • Don't bend wrists when cruising in hand positions 1 and 2.
  • Avoid pumping my upper body for momentum when climbing hills; keep upper body as still as possible and let the core and legs do the work.
"'Easy' means taking a leisurely ride, 'pace' means matching the speed you plan to maintain for the century, and 'brisk' means cycling faster than your century pace."
- America by Bicycle's Century Challenge & Endurance Cycling Training Guide, reproduced with permission by Rodale Press

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Monique said...

I totally understood what you meant when you wrote "Avoid pumping my upper body for momentum when climbing hills."... i think i've done that in Spinning before, lol. Anyway, 42 miles on Saturday, whooo whooo!