Monday, May 10, 2010

Century Training - Week 9

Total Miles Cycled in Week 8: (I'm too embarrassed to post it)

Mon: Upper Body Strength Routine #1; 15 miles (easy)
Tues: Lower Body Strength Routine #3; 15 miles (pace)
Wed: Upper Body Strength Routine #2; 25 miles (brisk)
Thurs: Lower Body Strength Routine #2; Off
Fri: Upper Body Strength Routine #3; 15 miles (pace)
Sat: 65 miles (pace)
Sun: 20 miles (pace)

Week 9 Scheduled Mileage:155

Strength training routines at the gym: M-F, 6am
Century training rides: M-W, F, 7pm; Sat, 9am; Sun, 7:30am
Core-specific exercise routine: M, W, F after evening rides (3x per week)

Random Notes to Self:
  • The one note to self that I made last week, as I cycled 65 miles on Saturday, is to pay as much attention to the lapsed time as the miles covered. The training guide stresses the importance of staying hydrated and energized by drinking every 10-15 minutes and snacking every 20 miles. Every 30 minutes, stretching on the bicycle is recommended. Standing on the pedals, arching your back and stretching your legs - as well as other mid-pedal stroke stretching techniques - are outlined in the guide.
"'Easy' means taking a leisurely ride, 'pace' means matching the speed you plan to maintain for the century, and 'brisk' means cycling faster than your century pace."
- America by Bicycle's Century Challenge & Endurance Cycling Training Guide, reproduced with permission by Rodale Press

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