Sunday, May 16, 2010

Century Training - Week 9; Days 6 & 7

Week: 9
Day: 6
Ride: Pace
Route: Combination of hills, flats and city traffic
Scheduled Mileage: 65
Actual Mileage: 67.71
Average Speed: 13.6 mph
Max Speed: 25.1 mph
*Includes city street speed average

Average BPM: 149
Max BPM: 187
Calories: 2323

Random Notes to Self:
  • Katie versus spectators of the New York Road Runners' race in Central Park = NYRR race spectators, 1 ... Katie, 0.
  • Maneuvering through pedestrian traffic in Central Park during an early-morning NYRR race, even when going with the flow of other agitated cyclists is no bueno and will likely result in something like this:
    (I'm a little disappointed that it doesn't look as bad as it did in person;
    maybe it looks like an awesome, hardcore cyclist road rash from this angle ...)
     (Meh. Still looks like a scratch.
    At least I started getting a tan later in the ride.)
  • When a spectator suddenly steps backward out of a pedestrian crowd into a row of relatively slowly coasting cyclists, you - in your novice state - will probably be the lucky one with whom he'll collide. Then, while the 6'0" man-wall with whom you crashed stares down in stunned silence at where you are lying on your back, you will stand up and roll your shoulders stiffly while his wife begins yelling at you about cycling too fast (she was probably right), and you will reply, "It's alright, ma'am; what I think you meant to ask first is if I'm ok. Yes, I am, thank you." Then, you will nod at her man-wall and say, "And it looks like he is, too." And she will storm off in a huff, dragging her man-wall by the arm.
  • My helmet works.
  • Poor Maddy.

Week: 9
Day: 7
Ride: Pace
Route: Hilly
Scheduled Mileage: 20
Actual Mileage: 22.12
Average Speed: 13.3 mph
Max Speed: 31.0 mph
*Includes city street speed average

Average BPM: 130
Max BPM: 177
Calories: 627
  • This was the last Sunday morning that I had to cycle on 0-2 hours of sleep with my cycling coach because my last night at job #2 was on Saturday night! No more clocking out of a Midtown Manhattan night lounge at 5am before meeting my cycling coach in Brooklyn for a 7:30am ride. However, due to upcoming weekend travel and other plans prior to my cycling tour, I probably won't get to resume cycling with him and/or my other new cyclist friends until August or September.
  • More to come on the challenges of finding time to train for a cycling tour when life gets in the way.


Monique said...

hahahahahhaa, this was cute & don't downplay that war wound of yours! You're a hardcore cyclist now ;)

Tricia Hicks said...

Note to self: Watch out for cyclists on the streets of Manhattan while on mission trip next month. I doubt if most are as kind as Katie. :)

Steph~ said...

OMG! I can't believe you have less than a month to go!! Are you ready (for the most part0??? I hope you are going to blog along the way, I can't wait to read it!

Katie said...

Thank you, Monique and Tricia! Steph, I'll definitely be blogging my way across North America (as well as eating my way across the continent in Chinese food).