Friday, May 21, 2010

Life Beyond the Tray

Sunday night was my last night at job #2. I put in my two-week's notice two weeks ago, and clocking out one final time was reminiscent of the last time I clocked out of job #2 in North Carolina nearly four years ago. Part-time employment in the food and beverage industry in New York City, and working seven days a week again, has given me a new appreciation for the [far fairer] corporate atmosphere and has rejuvenated my perspective on arriving in the office on a Monday morning after having actually had an entire weekend off.

I can't claim that cocktail serving was even remotely, intellectually stimulating work. Just your basic, shameless flirting with master-of-the-universe types (e.g. bankers, entertainers, professional athletes), who appeared to believe that I should be incredibly impressed with whatever they had to say because their obvious assumption was that all I'd ever been was a cocktail server. But it was moderately lucrative and I formed a few friendships with the other servers and bartenders that may even prove to be lifelong.

There were many Fridays when I dreaded leaving the office at job #1 and clocking right in at the lounge and many Saturday nights that I would have preferred to spend on my couch with my roommate and takeout, but as I make final preparations for my cycling tour, I feel no regrets. I even felt a small amount of personal vindication when my friend Jeremy said, "You've worked so hard. And it's finally here. All you gotta do is do it."

In one month, I will!


Lucas R. Tucker said...

I know this is an extra long post bu I understand that dread, I work 4 jobs these days (two are self employment) but still dread leaving my office Friday knowing I am just going to be up early for my job #2 on Saturday(and jobs 3&4 are all day long as I work to build my empire).

Katie said...

Keep your head up, Lucas!