Wednesday, May 26, 2010

iPhone vs. Droid

Despite some excellent reviews (as seen here and here) that had me in likely favor of the Droid, I joined the iPhone bandwagon today. My Verizon contract ended in May, but I had planned to continue with month-to-month billing until my research and personal preferences proved conclusive. Unfortunately, circumstances involving my old LG ENV2 and toilet water forced an early decision and prevented me from holding out for the iPhone 4, due to hit stores and send the masses into raging hysteria in less than a month. It's almost as maddening as the fact that I paid $199 for an older version of a superior model that won't be available until I'm pedaling somewhere between Portland and Boise.

My iPhone 3GS will be joining me on the road, providing a convenient channel to tweet my trip. I'm evaluating the budget and hoping that a MacBook will also make the inventory of items that will accompany me to Astoria next month. And - maybe next year - AT&T will give me an iUpgrade.

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