Monday, June 28, 2010

Day 8: Ontario, OR, to Boise, ID

Today's Mileage: 62
Average Speed: 13.2 mph
Max Speed: 24.9 mph
Average BPM: 127
Max BPM: 151
Calories Burned: 1750
Actual Time in Saddle: 4:50
Blog & Ride Details
We made it across Oregon!

I heard someone mention that Boise reached record-high temperatures today. I never verified the actual degrees, but it was definitely hot when we rode into town.

I tried out double-shorts today to ease some of the stress on my rear. It certainly soothed the backend, but over the miles, I began to experience highly unpleasant pressure on my lady parts. I don't think I'll be doubling up my shorts again. I just wish there was a better way to pad the the pertinent areas, and I am sorely reminded of the days when I longed for an ass like J.Lo's. It would have served me well at a time like this.

This is Alison. She's the one pictured between the Dynamic Duo below: her Aunt Kay, who trained for this tour with a 2009 Arkansas State Road Race Champion ... and her boyfriend, Jay ... the 2009 Arkansas State Road Race Champion.

Alison does not have an ass like J.Lo's, but she has the longest legs I have ever seen on an 18-year old. To all the dirty, old men out there (and to some of the guys my age that I know), it bares repeating ... she is only 18 years old. Alison is one of my two roommates. I rode with her for the first few days of this tour, until her legs and skill level began to quickly exceed mine. Now she is generally more than a few miles ahead of me.

My other roommate is Beth. She is celebrating 50 years in almost exactly the same way that I am celebrating 30. Have you ever looked into someone's eyes and immediately saw a good soul? That's what you see when you look into Beth's.

I think that the three of us have an excellent triple-room situation. We laugh a lot. We laugh about one thing or another from nearly the time we all wake up until even after the lights are out. I should have begun jotting down the ridiculous things we've said in the last eight days. And we pee a lot. In the continuous quest to stay hydrated, it's been a peeing spree in every hotel room from Astoria to Boise.

I rode with Beth today. An avid mountain bicyclist, she is generally way ahead of me on every ride - and often showered and lounging by the time I wheel Maddy into our hotel room. Today, however, she was coasting through a recovery ride into Boise so I tagged along. Even then, I had to work to keep up with her.

Riding with all of the other cyclists on this tour, like Beth, I have been receiving a wealth of information. Even if one rider has already offered the same advice, another rider often provides additional depth and breadth about why that particular suggestion is important. I certainly won't know everything there is to know about cycling by the time I dip my front wheel in the Atlantic Ocean in August, but I am excited about the fact that I will have learned at least 47 new things!

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Monique said... i didn't have the longest legs you've ever seen when I was 18?! ;)

I'm so excited for you!! Keep these coming (duh, i know u will, i'm just saying). Idaho, wow. Don't think i'll ever go there so it's so cool that you're riding thru it!!