Monday, June 28, 2010

Oregon Dedication

I would like to dedicate my ride across Oregon to my family.

Mom and Dad, as I mentioned in my thank you note, I am consciously, endlessly grateful for your support of my ambitions, even when they scare you - whether it's moving to New York City without an apartment, a job or a prayer - or deciding to cycle across North America.

Whether you meant to or not, you raised a risk-taker.

Two, in fact.

A girl and a boy, who became independent and adventurous. I hope that David and I always remember to lead lives as compassionately, honestly and respectfully as those which you have led by your examples. I know we have not always done as you said, but more often than not, we do as you have done. Even at 30, it is still important to me to make you proud.

Thank you for letting us fail at things. For being there when we fell, but for not necessarily padding every fall. It's because we have failed and lived to try again that we are not afraid to go after the things that we want.

David, I would go to hell and back with you, kiddo.

My life began with my family, and my tour across America began with Oregon. You three have been at the beginning of everything in my life. Oregon was for you.

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