Monday, July 19, 2010

South Dakota Dedication

I could not have made it half way across North America if the company for which I work had not allowed me to go all the way.

I am incredibly grateful to work for a multimedia organization with forward-thinking Human Resources staff and progressive departmental leaders. The corporate approval of my eight-week leave of absence by my superiors and the emotional support from my coworkers were the initial catalysts in making this journey a reality.

South Dakota was for my colleagues.

Thank you again and again.


Amy said...

Such an amazing way to see our country! So thrilled you are having an great experience.

Christine said...

Love you Katie! Your spirit is strong and I'm so proud that you hade the vision to do this and the strength to see it through!


Monique said...

Ditto! :) I'm STILL amazed that your company let you go!! AND you got a promotion at that! For someone not very religious, you're very blessed my dear.