Thursday, April 8, 2010

Century Training - Week 4; Day 4

Week: 4
Day: 4
Ride: Off-Day
Scheduled Mileage: 0
Actual Mileage: 0

Random Topic of the Off-Day:
I recently participated in Gaily's project on

Her goal: To get people all over the world to create a postcard and send it to a complete stranger, and receive another one from another complete stranger.

Due to the huge success of the project, and with the recent earthquake disaster in Haiti, she decided to donate all funds raised over $100 via to AmericaCares.

You can see the postcard I sent here [once its uploaded to her blog] and the postcard I received here.

My favorite postcards so far include:
To Gloria in Steamwood from Hidemi in Brooklyn
To Christopher in Rochester Mills from Ashley in New Paltz
To Lydia in Bath, United Kingdom from [unidentified]

Everyone else's postcards made me wish I had taken more time to be more creative, but two jobs and century training for this summer's tour have admittedly left me little time for much else outside of maintaining this blog. You can check out more personalize postcards at Send a Postcard, Get a Postcard.

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