Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Day 17: Dubois, WY, to Riverton, WY

Today's Mileage: 79
Miles Cycled: 0
Average Speed: 40-60 mph in the mechanic van with Mike
Max Speed: Ask Mike
Average BPM: N/A
Max BPM: N/A
Calories Burned Consumed: Sigh
Moving Time: N/A
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An evil tyrant by the name of Munk would not like me cycle to Riverton today. At dinner last night, he told me that he wanted me to give my Achilles Tendon a break until after the rest day in Casper, Wyoming, which would be Day 20 before I could get back in the saddle. Who does he think he is?

The familiar swell of tears began building behind my eyes, but as I glanced around at all of the concerned faces, my pride would not let me ball in front of everyone ... again. My ego - deflated by dashed dreams of cycling "EFI" across America - needs to do some healing of it's own, and more public outbursts would not expedite the process. Plus, I needed a little perspective. There are so many worse things in the world than not being able to ride my bicycle for a few days.

However, Mike did later confer privately with Michael, who has been working miracles on my ankle during evening treatments, and Michael believes that I can start slowly on Day 18. So Mike agreed to let me cycle to the first SAG stop in the morning, and depending on how I feel, he'll let me cycle from the last SAG into Casper later in the afternoon. The group is scheduled to cycle 120 miles tomorrow, with three SAG stops, so even though I won't get to ride the entire day, I should be able to enjoy some good mileage.

As for today, Jim was the sweep rider so I rode with Mike in the mechanic van. I got to see a lot of the "behind the scenes" of how Mike sets up the shots for the photo DVD that he sells at the end of the tour for $45 + shipping. He has an excellent camera and takes some incredible photos of the riders.

It was a little harder to stay upbeat and positive this morning since it was going on my third day stuck in the van. To try to draw some humor from the situation, I wore dark clothing and put on my black cycling jacket to signify that I was in mourning. As I handed Maddy up to Jeff in the box truck, I said to him, "Here is my bicycle," and then I passed him an invisible box and said, "And here is my happiness."

Jeff held the invisible box for a moment and then handed it back down to me and said, "No, I am going to have you hold onto that."

"I am in mourning," I said, "Happy Katie is gone!"

I couldn't keep a straight face. I mean, I laugh at just about anything, but I'm telling you, it's hard to stay in a bad mood out here, with these people. So I toted around my helmet o' stuff with all of my Achilles Tendon care essentials and tried to enjoy the free ride.

Today appeared to be better for the cyclists. Yesterday, they began the morning with wind chills in the 30s and then battled low temperatures and strong headwinds well into the afternoon - and evening for some of them. Jim and I had even seen snow flurries as we crossed the Continental Divide. However, as we descended from the higher altitudes today, the weather became nicer and nicer and nearly all of the riders were in Riverton by 2pm.

And the terrain ... well, just look for yourself.

More images from Dubois to Riverton:

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Tricia Hicks said...

You have a great pouty face!! I loved my postcard! Thank you for sending it. I had a blast in "your" city last week. I had a free day by myself and walked all over the West Village. I may or may not have eaten a cupcake from Magnolia AND from a mobile cupcake van in the same day. I pouted all the way to the airport and can't wait to get back there next year. I hope you get back on the road real soon!

ccocochris said...

I love every single one of ur blog posts.....ur pictures are amazing. I'm sorry that ur currently on the DL but glad ur being smart about it and taking care of urself and whether or not u get back in the saddle tomorrow or the day after or even next week, u have so much to be proud of. Xoxo

P.S. LiLo is going to jail and then rehab. I'm going to see Gaga at the Garden Friday night and it's 107 degrees in do ya like them apples?!?!

Monique said...

Love the pics! BTW, if the mornings are in the 30s, how warm does it get out there??

Love you KT...stay positive!! :)

Katie said...

Tricia, we'll have to meet for dinner next time you're in NYC.

Christine, I LOVE them apples!

Monique, that particular morning, we were in upper elevations and it remained in the 30s and 40s most of the day - especially with the wind chill. Most days, it can be in the 40s in the mornings and heat up to the 70s, 80s or even 90s. The key to dealing with wide ranges of temps in cycling is layers, which we can shed at the SAG and later pick up at the hotel - one of the perks of a fully-supported tour.

We cycled into Boise when they were experiencing record-breaking temperatures in the 100s.

Monique said...

WOW. Thanks for the explanation hun!