Thursday, July 8, 2010

Day 18: Riverton, WY, to Casper, WY

Today's Mileage: 120
Miles Cycled: 62.70
Average Speed: 13.7  mph
Max Speed: 25.1 mph
Average BPM: 129
Max BPM: 164
Calories Burned: 1716
Moving Time: 4:34
Blog & Ride Details

Maddy and I had a joyous reunion. After three days off the bicycle, I was back in the saddle for two portions of today's route.

I cycled from the hotel in Riverton to the first SAG stop at the 34.7-mile mark, where I was dismayed to discover that a cyclist that had remained at the SAG stop a little too long.

From the first SAG, I rode in one of the vans, with a bag of ice pressed to the back of my left ankle. At the third stop at 91.1 miles, I hopped back on my bike and cycled to the hotel in Casper at the 120.1 mile mark.

Over the 62.70 miles that I cycled today, my Achilles Tendon felt tight, but there was no pain. I purposely maintained a slow pace - as instructed by the ride leaders - but honestly, I didn't feel like I could have gone any faster without straining my ankle. We have a rest day tomorrow and I'm feeling pretty positive about my recovery and cycling 106 miles to Lusk, Wyoming, on Day 20.

We passed through fairly desolate terrain today.

Aside from the local plant life, much of which I had never seen before, the most interesting portion of today's route was along Hell's Half Acre, which was barely visible from the road.

Upon closer inspection, Hell's Half Acre is a 320 acre hole with walls and pinnacles featuring "soft and varied hues comparable to the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone."

Native Americans used to drive herds of buffalo into this depression for slaughter. I tried to imagine a stampede of buffalo appearing on the horizon, being directed toward Hell's Half Acre by colorfully decorated hunters on horseback. The passage of time has always amazed and bewildered me.

Today, marked the end of Leg 2 of our tour across America, and several loved ones joined us in Casper to spend time with their cyclists on the rest day.

Toronto Mark's duchess

Leo's wife

Sandy's life partner

After dinner, Howard treated a bunch of us to Dairy Queen, which was really nice of him considering that we made him pose with the below billboard at the second SAG stop in Hiland. Howard crossed North America with America By Bicycle's "Cross Country Challenge" over ten years ago, where a close friendship began with his roommate Bob. Together they have cycled across various other countries throughout the last decade and are riding with us this year from Astoria to Sioux Falls.

Speaking of the passage time ...

... the billboard for The Wyoming Dinosaur Center reads:
"Your kids think you're a dinosaur. Prove them wrong."

Howard is 79 years old and has had two hip replacements in the last 18 months. He has nothing to prove to anybody.

More images from Riverton to Casper:

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Monique said...

Hiland's population is 10?!!!!! WOW, lol... Happy to hear you're back on the saddle Katie!! As usual, love the pics :)