Monday, July 26, 2010

Day 36: Manitowoc, WI, to Ludington, MI (Ferry Ride)

Unofficial Rest Day.

Today's Mileage: 7 (10.94 including light exploration of Manitowoc)
Average Speed: 12.0 mph
Max Speed: 23.3 mph
Moving Time in the Saddle: 00:54
Moving Time on the Ferry: 4:00
Blog & Ride Details

Today I "doitfer" Nathaniel Drake James III, my godson in Durham, North Carolina. He'll be a year old just before midnight tonight. Since we didn't do much cycling today, I'll do 113 miles tomorrow for him, too.

We rode three to four miles to the ferry dock in Manitowoc for the cruise across Lake Michigan and another three or four to the hotel in Ludington. Since we had time to kill before the SS Badger's 2pm CT departure, we spent our morning in various ways.

Mine began with a grande skinny vanilla latte and an egg white, spinach and feta wrap at Starbucks, where I sat to write a few postcards to family and friends. Immediately after placing my order, my mind blanked and I said to the cashier, "Wait. What did I order again?"

She repeated my order and said, "It's ok. It's Monday."

Is it Monday? I thought. It really has not been occurring to me to consciously determine what day of the week it is. It's simultaneously shocking and pleasant whenever I happen to inadvertently learn what it might be.

During a little exploration in downtown Manitowoc, I recognized some familiar bicycles outside of Beerntsen's Confectionary. It is an adorable candy and ice cream cafe. How could any of us resist?

After morning ice cream and chocolate (it's ok when you're cycling an average of 70-80 miles a day), we gathered at the ferry dock to await the SS Badger, the vessel that would take us across Lake Michigan.

I took Maddy to dip his front wheel in the lake, which Mike Munk said does not count. Regardless, I cycled to Lake Michigan ... from Oregon. I believed that deserved a ceremonial wheel-dip.

Once onboard the SS Badger, Andrew and I did a little exploring of the ferry, which included a run-through of safety equipment and photo documentation of another triumph in Ellen's quest for world domination (included below). Afterward, I focused my primary activity toward an attempt to even out my cyclist tan. By the way, that's not black nail polish on my big toes. What you see pictured immediately below is severe cycling-inflicted nail bed bruising. I really need to dedicate a blog post to all of the things that have become decidedly amiss with my body since Astoria.

Upon arrival in Michigan and Eastern Standard Time, Helen and Alex treated me to a wonderful dinner. We were joined by Baltimore Mark, New Jersey Mark and Canada Jeff at P.M. Steamers, where I read a lovely quote on their menu. Having an affinity for beautiful wording, I took a picture to conclude today's blog post.

"Say that I love old ships - write nothing more upon the stone above my anchorage. And they who read it will know I loved the roar of the breakers in by-gone sailing days ..."
- Capt. W.H. VanDyke, Steamer PM 22

More images from Manitowoc to Ludington:

Click here to view my entire photo album of Day 36 [TBA].

Lake Michigan and its adjacent states have been claimed in the name of Ellen DeGeneres' quest for world domination.

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