Monday, July 26, 2010

Wisconsin Dedication

As I crossed into Wisconsin, I began receiving random text messages from my "Fabulous Five" - five of my closest college girlfriends who have seen me through the last 10 years. Each text message began with "doitfer" and was followed by an arbitrary predicate. No amount of coaxing would get me an explanation. Several days later, my best friend sent me an email to clear up the confusion:

I'm here to clear up some of those confusing text messages you received. Me and the other four beautiful ladies that make up your Fabulous Five are kicking off your DOITFER series [pronounced Do it fer (for)]. Each day you will receive a message of encouragement from one of us giving you suggestions as to what you can dedicate your day. You may not need it, but just in case you do, it'll be there. We love you dearly and are more proud than you'll ever know.

Wisconsin. I "diditfer" my Fabulous Five.

Bobbi Baker-James. Monique Douglas. Jessica Neal.
Shameika Corbin. Daphne Moore.

P.S. Wisconsin is "The Cheese State", Daphne.


Unknown said...

aaaawwww katie

Monique D. said...

aaaaaaaaaaw (tear)!!!!!!!!! We love you soooo much!!!