Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day 38: Mount Pleasant, MI, to Birch Run, MI

Today's Mileage: 74
Average Speed: 14.9 mph
Max Speed: 27.8 mph
Moving Time: 5:01

Toronto Mark, Canada Jeff, Joe and Dave went to a diner called Tony's Restaurant in Birch Run. I had planned to write about convenient rain jacket storage in threatening weather, recount our chocolate milk fest outside of a tiny corner store in a town so small that we would have missed it if we blinked, and introduce my photo essay of Michigan barns ...

But The Geldings' experience at Tony's trumped all the cycling notes that I made today. An excerpt from Toronto Mark's blog first peaked my interest this afternoon:

"It seems Tony's Restaurant is to bacon what the Carnegie Deli is to pastrami. Legendary purveyors of bacon, in portions that are, in a word, comical. No more government research is needed to determine the root of America's obesity problem. America's obesity problem starts and ends at Tony's Restaurant in Birch Run, Michigan."

So when Margot suggested after dinner that we drop into Tony's for dessert, my curiosity led my already full belly by the esophagus into the fat pit of the Midwest.

Margot, New Jersey Mark, Todd and I attempted to eat this:

We never made it to the banana.

While a trip to Tony's will ultimately rank highest among the memories of Day 38, the game of musical bicycles that Andrew, Leo, Nan and I played over roughly five miles of today's route was a highlight. If you want to learn the art of entertainingly stretching 5-10 miles over two hours, ride with us one day. Even with all the horseplay, we still arrived in Birch Run by 2pm. We may have lingered out on the road even longer yet but the heat and humidity were escalating.

Also, kuddos to ABB for drawing little attention to the fact that we are currently in a suburb of Flint, Michigan, though it might have been prudent to at least suggest bulletproof vests over our baselayers. 

Bianca, who I still refer to as "my roommate" even though she moved to Los Angeles the same day I arrived in Oregon, has been sending me greeting cards along the entire transcontinental route. Today's card received in Birch Run noted tips from her new roommate Max regarding the immediate area:

A. They have really great shopping [Appropriately, the only information about Birch Run cited on ABB's state and town profile for Michigan was "This town is best known for its large outlet mall."]

C. Don't go to Flint, MI ... you'll get shot!!

Not might, but will. Is carbon fiber bulletproof?

More images from Mount Pleasant to Birch Run:

Click here to view my entire photo album of Day 38 [TBA].

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ccocochris said...

First of all, when I saw that dessert, my regular word "WOW" did not come to mind....instead it was "what the f@*k"!!! Then as I continued to read, I started LMAO seriously OUT LOUD at your friend's card telling you not to go to Flint cause you'll get shot!!! Hysterical!!! You are still alive right??? You didn't go to Flint, did you????

MELI. said...

so awesomeee! :D even a welcome sign!
ride on folks
greetings from SF

Monique D. said...

I sait "wtf" like ccocochris did too when i saw the sundae!!