Friday, August 28, 2009

Find a Part-Time Job ✔

Well, a short-term goal on my timeline was to begin looking for a second job after my boyfriend left his home in Atlanta on August 24 for another 10-month contract with the bj-league. My deadline was to have a part time job to supplement my primary income no later than September 30.


I interviewed last night for a part-time cocktail serving position at a chic lounge in Midtown ... I start training on September 1 and will begin picking up weekend shifts shortly thereafter.

In an effort to find something relatively close to my apartment in Hell's Kitchen, I actively began my job search last Monday by googling "best lounges in Midtown Manhattan" and I found this list. So I started at the top of the "Choose Your Bar" list with Aspen Social Club, looked for a human resources or general inquiries contact on each lounge's website and either emailed my resume (with my casino beverage serving and fine dining wait staff experience reinserted from where it had been removed in the corporate version) directly to an HR representative, applied for positions online if there was an option, or sent messages requesting the appropriate employment contact. I went through the whole list down to World Bar within an hour, and within the day, I began receiving responses.

Less than five days later, I am now a member of the double-income community ... again. Three years after swearing I'd never again work more than one job (having worked 2-3 jobs for a year to save enough money to move to New York City from North Carolina). Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do.

So whenever you're having drinks in a posh Midtown lounge, tip your cocktail server well. You never know. It could be me. Serving your drinks and saving your dollars so that I can cycle across North America in 2010.


Unknown said...

That's great, Katie! Congratulations. You never know, I may just pop up one day/night for drinks. :-)

Katie said...

Thanks, BJ! And I hope so ... after I'm trained and I know what I'm doing! :)

Monique D. said...

From a former server herself, I wish u luck! It'll be a breeze. Welcome back to the double-income community ;)