Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sponsorship Options

Have you been reading my blog and wondering how you can help me make my transcontinental cycling dream a reality? Probably not. But on the off chance that you have superfluous funds with no ideas on how to spend said funds, there are some opportunities for you to donate your money here at Blog-By-Bike.

Mileage Sponsorship
Sponsor any leg of the 3,629-mile transcontinental bike ride
for $1 per mile
Donate Here

Day Sponsorship
Sponsor 24 hours or more of the 50-day journey for $137 per day
[e.g. sponsor Day 30: 102 miles from Mankato to Rochester, MN]
Choose Your Day(s) and Donate Here

Segment Sponsorship
Sponsor a segment or more for $1141 per segment (six route segments = rest day to rest day)
[e.g. sponsor Segment 2: 704 miles from Boise, ID, to Casper, WY]
Choose Your Segment(s) and Donate Here

Coast-to-Coast Sponsorship
Sponsor my entire cycling tour from Oregon to New Hampshire for just $6850
[i.e. sponsor 3,692 miles from Astoria, OR to Portsmouth, NH]
Donate Here and I'll Love You Forever

Miscellaneous Contributions
Specify donated amounts toward any item or aspect of the estimated budget and Donate Here

Cycling Gift Registry
Not likely "coming soon", but was still a fun idea
  • Mileage Sponsorship package includes sponsor's name and the number of sponsored miles noted under the List of Sponsors on Blog-By-Bike.
  • Day or Segment Sponsorship package includes sponsor's name and number of sponsored days or segments (along with choice of specific day(s)/segment(s) to sponsor along the route) noted under the List of Sponsors and a special blog post with a sponsor bio and photo (optional) on the sponsored day or segment of the trip.
  • Coast-to-Coast Sponsorship package includes a personalized postcard sent from every state along the tour route, the renaming of "Blog-By-Bike" in your honor, your haloed photo across the blog's main header, an ode to you in every blog post, and my first born child*.
  • All sponsorship packages can be purchased by individuals or groups.
  • A special thanks to my friend Cassie, who sparked these sponsorship ideas while we were shopping for her wedding dress in Midtown Manhattan earlier this week.
  • And thank you to anyone who continues to read this blog - even if your personal financial situation, a variety of current economic factors, or a sensible lack of inclination to contribute monetarily to a frivolous cause will never enable you to donate here. Your readership and emotional support is worth its weight in cro-moly steel bicycle frames (as opposed to the lighter aluminum or carbon fiber).
America By Bicycle tour costs:
$6850 for the 50-day, six-segment cycling tour from Astoria, OR, to Portsmouth, NH 
Sponsorship Breakdown:
Sponsor $137 per day, $1141 per segment, or donate in smaller increments of $1 per mile

*Coast-to-Coast sponsorship package subject to change if anyone is actually crazy enough to give me nearly seven grand ... and apparently (I was lucky enough that) someone was.

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