Saturday, February 6, 2010

Evaluation of the Shopping List

I need to get a better handle on how much gear is going to cost me since my official estimated budget was severely underestimated and requires some revision. Based on America by Bicycle's equipment list and my conversations with R&A Cycles, other cyclists and a few sporting good stores in Manhattan, my current shopping list includes:

Cycling Gear & Accessories (noted in the ABB Tour Kit)
  • Women's Selle Italia Gel Flow Saddle - $159.99
  • Specialized Toupe Team Saddle 2010
  • new tires, tubes, rim strips, tire levers (pack of 3: $4.50), chain and freewheel - to be priced
  • racks and bags (to carry daily needs and wants) - to be priced
  • bike-mounted air pump with a valve that fits your tubes/presta/schrader - $29.99
  • water bottles and cages (two are recommended) - $11.95 x2 (bottles); $64.95 x2 (cages) ✔
  • four new spare inner tubes/one new spare tire - to be priced
  • extra special nuts/bolts/etc (bicycle model specific) - to be priced
  • six extra spokes to fit your wheels (AbyB will have many sizes but may not have certain specifics; can be duct taped to the rear chain stay) - to be priced
  • bicycle computer (must have and know how to use) - to be priced
  • an special equipment you normally use: tool kit, lube, WD-40, grease - to be priced
Cycling Gear & Accessories (noted in the ABB Rider Kit)
  • 3, 4, 5, 6 Allen wrenches - Kool type tools are great!
  • regular and Phillips screwdrivers
  • wrenches to fit any bolts you have on your bike
  • chain break tool
  • spoke wrench
  • 2 spare tubes
  • 1 patch kit (be sure the glue is fresh)
  • tire tools
  • something to boot a tire (dollar bill, PowerBar wrapper or duct tape)
  • cell phone or spare change for a phone call
  • chainlube (and miscellaneous bike cleaning equipment)
  • small flashlight

Cycling Attire & Accessories

[4 short sleeve jerseys and a cami]
Pearl Izumi Women's ELITE Symphony Jersey (short sleeve): $85.00
Pearl Izumi Women's SELECT Superstar Jersey (short sleeve): $50.00
Pearl Izumi Women's SELECT SL Jersey (sleeveless): $50.00
Pearl Izumi Women's SELECT Superstar Cami (tank top): $45.00 [or] Pearl Izumi Womens' ELITE Tank (tank top) - $90.00
[1 long sleeve jersey]
Pearl Izumi Women's P.R.O. Thermal LS Full Zip Jersey (cool weather): $150.00
 [1 rain jacket]
Pearl Izumi Women's ELITE Barrier WxB Jacket (water-proof): $149.95
[4 pairs of cycling shorts]
Pearl Izumi '09 Women's P.R.O. Shorts: $130.00
Pearl Izumi Women's ELITE Symphony Shorts: $100.00
Pearl Izumi Women's ELITE Cut Short: $100.00
Pearl izumi Women's SELECT Sugar Knicker: $70.00
[1 pair of tights; double as rain pants perhaps?]
Pearl Izumi Women's AmFIB Tights (windproof, water-resistant): $99.00
[2 pairs of cycling shoes]
Shimano SH-M161G Shoes: $139.95
Other style TBD - to be priced (R&A Cycles suggested rain & wind shoe covers in lieu of an additional pair of cycling shoes)
[2 pairs of padded cycling gloves]
Pearl Izumi Women's ELITE Gel-Vent Glove: $39.95
Pearl Izumi Women's ELITE Gel-Vent Full Finger Glove: $45.00
[5 pairs of socks]
Pearl Izumi Women's Attack Cushion Low Sock (3-pack, white): $18.00
Pearl Izumi Women's Attack Low Sock (3-pack, black):  $18.00
[2 pairs of sunglasses/goggles]
Styles TBD - to be priced
[1 cycling helmet]
Bell Array Road Helmet: $100.00 
[1 pair of arm/leg warmers]
Pearl Izumi ThermaFleece Arm Warmer: $30.00
Pearl Izumi ThermaFleece Leg Warmer: $45.00
I also need some base layers, such as these.
And cycling caps and skull caps, such as these.
Or maybe just a good, ol' bandana.
[Quantities and items in brackets recommended by AbyB]

For cycling in New York in the winter months:
Pearl Izumi Women's P.R.O. Softshell Jacket (cold weather): $175.00

Since I don't currently plan to become a hardcore cyclist, I am thinking that I can go without other cold-weather accessories, like shoe and toe covers and calientoes.

I'll be going with black styles since I'm accident-prone and clumsy. The day I wear white is always the day that a ketchup packet squirts out sideways and hits me in the chest. Living in New York City has suited me well over the last three years since a vast majority of my daily attire is black out of personal preference.

I'm nervous to calculate the grand total once everything has been priced. Based on what I've currently calculated above, I'm already looking at $1,700+. Standby.

In the meantime, I guess - based on my original estimated budget, the money I've already spent, and my continuing education in the costs of cycling - I better raise my financial goal meter to $20,000. Sigh. I guess I shouldn't have joked in my letter to Ellen about needing $25,000. Maybe I better start writing some more letters.


Dave said...

Random unsolicited advice from someone else looking to drop hard saved $$ on a new road bike - you can get great deals on gear, esp. clothing, on the internet! Peep these sites, if you haven't already: - UK based but super cheap - rotating gear specials

Other US-based mailorders:
Performance Bike
Jenson USA

Good luck on your quest!

Katie said...

I love unsolicited advice! Thank you, Dave!