Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Day 3: Welches, OR, to Kah-neet-ta, OR

Today's Mileage: 64
Average Speed: no data
Max Speed: 38.9 mph
Average BPM: no data
Max BPM: no data
Calories Burned: no data
Actual Time in Saddle: no data

The hills are alive with the sound of compact cranksets. A compact crankset will change your life on a cross-country tour like this one. Sandy North, Leo Anderson, Jeff Douglas, Mark Koltz, John Soley, Margo Addison, Mark Weisbarth, Rod Grimsley, Andrew Dyson, Tom Zack, Mark Scheer, and Jim Benson changed mine.

I learned today that there were others who wanted to contribute, but their contributions would have exceeded the cost of the compact crankset. I am still incredibly moved by an extraordinary gesture made by people I have known less than a week.

Today's ride was undoubtably a tough one. There was over 5000 vertical feet of climbing with rewards of thrilling downhills. I wish I had a video camera behind my eyes because I am at a loss for how to summarize the incredible range of nearly unbelievable sights I saw today as Maddy and I trekked through Oregon.

We climbed slowly out of Welches and pedaled over The Cascades along the base of Mount Hood on a road bordered by towering trees and dense forest underbrush. Within hours, we were descending into free range cattle country and the Warm Springs Indian Reservation. I saw - and rode over - my first cattle guard. There were wild horses. There were fields of tall grass rippling as if they were a calm surf under the gentle caress of a soft breeze. In the distance, the peaks of The Three Sisters and Three-Fingered Jack were crisp, white cones on the beautiful blue and white pallet of sky. In the rolling valleys below, 54 cyclists were discovering the wild beauty of Oregon with each pedal stroke.

Click here to see my entire photo album of Day 3.

The Ride Leader's Official Report:
Kah Nee Ta, Day 3
Across America North:


ccocochris said...

OMG! I read your blog and not only does it bring a smile to my face but a tear to my eye. I know this is only in day 3, but I look at your pictures and read your posts, and while you may have ascended thousands of feet numerous times, I can tell that you are loving every moment. At this point, and this being only day 3, I can honestly say that I'm in some way envious and wish I had taken you up on your offer to join you. This will no doubt be an experience you will never forget and one that you will share with many . I'm following you, cheering for you all the way. Keep the posts coming as no doubt you're doing more than many ever dream of and we're living thru you. ENJOY THE RIDE OF YOUR LIFE! LUV U!

Anonymous said...

awww look at my buddy go!! have you met any locals or experienced something new about American culture??

The Breakfast Club said...

Go katie! I am going keep track of your ever ride. Keep doing your thing. I am a proud friend right now saying "That's my girl kaite". I will read everything. So make believe I there and your telling me everything at days end.


Mark Weisbarth said...

great blog Katie. I guess it's a good thing we got together and "gave you the gears" so to speak!

Monique D. said...

I was wondering what your "actual time" was today so thanks for including the link for the explanation :) I'm so glad you're enjoying this!