Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Day 9: Rest Day

Today's Mileage: 0
Average Speed: 0
Max Speed: 0
Average BPM: Resting
Max BPM: Elevated at sight of Mile High Mud Pie
Calories Burned Consumed: See below
Actual Time in Saddle: N/A
Blog & Ride Details 

And on the ninth day, the cyclists finished all the miles they had done, and they rested on the ninth day.

And they ate.

Object in photo is larger than it appears.

Today, we said goodbye to Carl and Gale, two 62-year old pals from Minnesota, who had signed up for the Astoria-to-Boise leg of this tour. I'm going to miss them. For us slower cyclists, it's always nice to have extra company in the back.

Yesterday, on the ride into Boise, a few cyclists set up an opportunity for Carl to overtake them on the road so that he would finally have a chance to yell, "on your left" - a call we use to let another rider know we're about to pass. While I often envy the faster, stronger riders on this tour, who seem to glide up mountainsides with relative ease ... if I were one of them, I would not have been present to see this ...

Carl pedaling as fast as he could, grinning from ear to ear, yelling "on your left" as he passed the row of cyclists.

Then, we formed a paceline and let him pull the group for a few miles. I think Carl had the time of his life ... and I think everyone else had the time of theirs watching him have his.

In the montage of memories that I know will roll through my mind when I return to New York City this August, the images of Carl yelling "on your left" and pulling a paceline with a huge smile will be among them.