Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Day 23: Rapid City, SD, to Wall, SD

Today's Mileage: 57
Average Speed: 15.8 mph
Max Speed: 38.2 mph
Average BPM: 138
Max BPM: 180
Calories Burned: 1454
Moving Time: 3:31
My biggest goal was not to be the fastest or the best rider on this tour. My biggest goal was to go an entire day without a chainring tattoo. It only took me 23 days to achieve that goal!

My Achilles Tendon began to crunch yesterday so Michael obliged with another treatment, and this morning it was as good as new (again). The other riders are beginning to call him The Magician. He has cured countless physical ailments since Oregon.

I love the hard days on this tour because they make days like today feel splendid. Any other day in any other point in my life, a 57-mile bike ride would seem long and perhaps exhausting. Instead it was an easy day, even with the huge South Dakota rollers. This is a very hilly state.

I arrived shortly after Alison so we cycled over to the nearby Dairy Queen - a universal favorite among our entire crew. We also ordered chocolate milk, a proven alternative to official recovery drinks.

The afternoon was rounded out with a visit to Wall Drug, a store that has everything I need and don't need.

On a final note, "Home on the Range" has been playing in my head for two days ...

... and I noticed that there is no verse about the abundance of grasshoppers on the range.

More images from Rapid City to Wall:

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ccocochris said...

57 miles???? That's it???? WTF!!! Well you ain't gettin no WOW today ;)

Monique D. said...

lmao at "ccocochris"!

C Mack said...

Looks like a little "jingoism" going on that the rodeo.

I have often thought, what relationships you are forging with your fellow/sister travelers on this journey. Wow. Worth a lifetime.

Love the quote, "Life begins at your comfort zone." Think I will put it on my favorite quotes on Facebook.

Be safe.