Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Day 31: Mankato, MN, to Rochester, MN

Today's Mileage: 99
Average Speed: 14.8 mph
Max Speed: 32.2 mph
Average BPM: Heart monitor is still not working
Max BPM: Or my heart has stopped
Calories Burned: A lot; see previous caloric burns
Moving Time: 7:07
Blog & Ride Details

Back-to-back centuries. To partially quote Beyonce - it's a cyclist's worst dream or beautiful nightmare. I'm not sure which.

I cycled my fastest century yesterday, finishing in just under five hours, immediately followed by slowest century today. I wasn't exactly high energy, but I didn't feel like I had ridden 100 miles when I arrived in Rochester, which I think is a sign that I am becoming stronger and more able on the bicycle.

Our day began early, as usual. After we pedaled up a 10% grade hill - straight out of our hotel - we only had 98 1/2 more miles to go. Two of Leo's sisters, who met him in Mankato, wrote messages in chalk from the entrance of the hotel to the top of the hill. So when we got to the top, we all saw this.

Other highlights of the day:

Ellen's quest for world domination reached the cornfields of Minnesota.

Maddy and I played on a slide at the first SAG stop.

And Beth discovered that reefer grows freely in the Midwest.

Sandy, Leo and I sort of milled around the route this afternoon. My days are sometimes more fun (and funnier) when I take time to view, smell, feel, taste (and smoke) the world around me.

More images from Mankato to Rochester:

There is a corn tower in this picture.

Click here to view my entire photo album of Day 31 [TBA].

The Ride Leader's Official Report:
Across America North:

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Monique D. said...

LMAO at the picture of u & maddy in the field!! And i, like Beth, didn't know that reefer grew freely in the midwest!!

That was really sweet...the message in chalk :) Aaaaw...