Sunday, August 8, 2010

Day 49: Brattleboro, VT, to Manchester, NH

Today's Mileage: 81
Average Speed: 15.4 mph
Max Speed: 39 mph
Moving Time: 5:23
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Joe recently passed the "no flats" torch to me and Gerard ... and then he blogged about it! The biggest "Sports Illustrated Cover Jinx"! The ultimate flat faux pas! If you haven't had a flat by Day 30, 40 or 47 of your cycling trek across North America, you don't say it out loud! And you don't write about it, Joe!

Individuals or teams who appear on the cover of Sports Illustrated will subsequently be jinxed. It's scientific fact.

And for those cyclists who haven't had a flat by Day 47 of their 50-day tour and are featured on Joe's blog ...

Day 49:

Day 49 also included an optional climb up Sullivan Road, a 10-25% grade mountain road between Brattleboro and Manchester. Sullivan Road used to be part of the route, but ABB recently rerouted the trek at the base of the mountain.

There was a lot of talk about climbing up Sullivan this morning and even more chatter about bragging rights. I can't believe that we are now seeking out mountains to pedal over. If any of the climbs in Oregon had been optional, that would have been a no-brainer for me. A "hell no" brainer.

But now I feel like a cyclist - not just somebody who rides a bicycle. During this morning's ride, Sandy said to me, "As you flew by me on that hill back there, I thought ... New York City is going to be too small for Katie and Maddy ... That was the exact thought that ran through my head."

It was a reminder that my return to New York City was eminent. However, cycling out of Brattleboro, the mountainous terrain kept me in the moment, considering only that which was 10-20 feet in front of me.

As I pedaled along, I was trying to determine if it was even really that important to me to "conquer Sullivan Road". Terrence was waiting for me to arrive in Manchester and veering off route for the climb would add extra time in the saddle, especially since I'd have to turn around at the top and cycle back the way I came to get back on route. Did I truly want the personal achievement and thrill of reaching the top or did I just want to be able to tell other people that I did it?

After all, when something is truly just for you, there is no need to tell others about it.

As I approached the turn-off to Sullivan Road, I made my decision.

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