Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Maine Dedication

Before this journey began, I had hopes of what I would find on the road between Astoria and Portsmouth. Challenges. Personal fulfillment. Adventure. Extraordinary moments.

I tried to keep my expectations of the tour very vague with the overall goal to just be. Just be for 50 days and see what happens.

"You came out here to just be," Mike Munk said to me on Day 47, "And somehow, you became."

But there was something else that I would find that I had never even expected.

Somewhere between Oregon and New Hampshire, I forgave myself.


Tricia Hicks said...

"I forgave myself"

I hope you will allow me to show you who I really am. I'm a Vera Bradley toting, Jesus lovin', Bible thumping , WASP from the South. Oh, and I love NYC, but you already know that. :)


I don't even know why you needed to, but everytime you wrote a post about Rickey, my heart cracked a little bit. On paper, it's highly unlikely that we'd be friends, but I'd like to wad that paper up and throw it into the East River. Well, maybe not the East river, but a trash can. Cause, I am not a litterer. I hope to see you next year in NYC.

Monique D. said...

OMG....seriously?! THANK GOD! Omg, this is great news... i don't even have the words. I'm sooooo happy you have forgiven yourself. Sooo happy.

bikebali said...

it's great, n congratulation

Anonymous said...

This phrase is simply matchless ;)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful post, great ))

Anonymous said...


How goes the transition back into everyday life?

Katie said...

I have a draft under revision and will post it soon!

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