Saturday, July 10, 2010

Day 20: Casper, WY, to Lusk, WY

Today's Mileage: 106
Average Speed: 16.0 mph
Max Speed: 33.2 mph
Average BPM: 135
Max BPM: 182
Calories Burned: 2645
Moving Time: 6:37
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We've seen a lot of rabbits and antelope over the past two days. Now we've also seen a jackalope.

It looks like I'll only need to join America By Bicycle next year from Idaho Falls, ID, to Casper, WY, to redo the days I missed due to Achilles Tendon drama. I was able to cycle the full 106 miles today relatively comfortably. Now I am in Lusk, one of the smallest, cutest towns in eastern Wyoming*, with no AT&T mobile service, icing my Achilles Tendon and both of my knees while guys on horseback, dressed as cowboys and Indians, race up and down the main street outside of our hotel. Seriously.

*With the exception of another town about 40 miles west.

I took a break from writing this blog post to walk outside and take a closer look at Lusk's parade festivities honoring the annual Legend of the Rawhide celebration. Fellow cyclists, someone please tell me that one of you got a photo of the White boys painted red, wearing braided wigs made of black yarn. Oh good. As I stood on the curb, processing what I was seeing and wondering about the politically-correct ramifications that such an event could incur in more populated areas of the nation, Toronto Mark leaned over and said, "And the Multicultural Sensitivity Award of the Year goes to Lusk, Wyoming!"

As children darted in and out of the stampede of horses to grab candy thrown from the parade vehicles, which ranged from vintage cars to John Deere tractors, a few of the the paraders threw candy straight to us and yelled, "Welcome to Lusk!"

I guess anyone that isn't readily identifiable is a visitor in these parts.

There is a rodeo tonight, which one of the "Indians" invited us to attend and that I'd actually love to check out, but we have 92 miles to cycle tomorrow so I'm aiming for an early bedtime. With the rodeo in town, I'm actually a little disappointed that we took our rest day in Casper.

Also, the food for tonight's pizza party cannot be delivered until after 6pm because the pizza store is in the parade.

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Unknown said...

加油 or jiayou

Literally means "add oil" and is used for sporting events to cheer on teams. 加油

ccocochris said...

Yay for u.......glad that your back in the saddle!!!!! Oh and btw.....such a nice unexpected surprise to receive your text last night as I was leaving the Garden. Keep these awesome blogs coming. They always put a smile on my face. xoxo

C Mack said...

Sorry to hear about the Achilles issue. But likes you are back in the saddle. Watch out for the jackolopes!!

WY is beautiful as you can see. Enjoy and be safe.

Monique D. said...

LMAO at this blog!! Indians?! The pizza place was IN the festival?! Oh em gee.

Congrats for getting back on the bike!!!!