Thursday, August 5, 2010

Day 46: Liverpool, NY, to Little Falls, NY

Today's Mileage: 78
Average Speed: 15.3 mph
Max Speed: 30.7 mph
Moving Time: 5:05
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When you're cycling in torrential downpours, it requires a little more effort to remember that you chose to take this tour. In an effort to maintain a more positive mindset in the pelting rainfall, I began thinking of all the things that could be worse than cycling in tropical storm conditions.

Humidity. We've dealt with some sticky, muggy days over the last week. Menstrual cramps. Daytime talk shows. Pink slips. Root canals. Unanesthetized amputation.

With my new FujiFilm Finepix XP10 waterproof, shockproof, freezeproof, dustproof point-and-shoot camera*, I was able to catch a few rainy day action shots. I really should have invested in a more sports-amenable camera before the tour.

*I dropped my old Canon point-and-shoot camera along the Erie Canal and broke the lens. Along with 12 megapixels, a 2.7" LCD screen, 5x optical zoom lens and digital image stabilization, my new FujiFilm camera is waterproof up to 10', which will not only be ideal during inclement cycling weather, but will prove useful in Playa Mujeres when my girlfriends and I celebrate our 30th birthdays over Labor Day Weekend. It is also shockproof (or "droppable") up to 3.3 ft - convenient for when it bangs against my handlebars while dangling from my wrist ... or when I inevitably drop it. Freezeproof and dustproof will be beneficial when I cycle across Alaska and Africa.

Alex noticed that Andrew had worn an appropriate cycling jersey to honor the weather. Here is a closer look at the fabric design.

When the rain stopped and Andrew and I were able to ride side by side on a remote backroad, he told today's Shakespearean-type tale. After this tour is over, I'm going to make him call me everyday with a new story.

More images from Liverpool to Little Falls:

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Monique D. said...

you DEFINITELY will be using it in PLAYA MUJERES!!!!!!! :)

And what's this i hear about cycling across Asia & Africa?? :):)

Monique D. said...

*oops...ALASKA, my bad.