Friday, August 6, 2010

Day 47: Little Falls, NY, to Latham, NY

Today's Mileage: 74
Average Speed: 14.7 mph
Max Speed: 37.9 mph
Moving Time: 5:10
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Last week, Margot asked me what I'm going to miss about this tour. I didn't have a specific answer for her, just a medley of basics that I'll miss. The obvious things, like riding my bicycle every day instead of going to the office. Or the different people we meet along the route, especially the eccentric travelers - like the unicyclist we passed in Wyoming or these guys that we met today.

Yes. It's both a bicycle and a hammock.

But today I realized what it is that I'm really going to miss.

As Alison and I cycled along a ridge line this morning, pedaling upward, straight into the sunrise, I began to make out the silhouette of a fellow cyclist, haloed by the light on the horizon. Within moments, I recognized Ian by his cadence and the outline of his steel bicycle. I suddenly felt a small lump in my throat as we approached and announced that we were on his left. And something inside began to ache.

After this tour is over and I've returned to my regular routines and daily life and I take Maddy out a few times a week for a bike ride, I'm going to miss knowing that all of these people are somewhere on the same road as me, pedaling in the same direction, with the same destination in mind.

When I clip in my cleats and turn onto some avenue in New York, cycling through the busy streets in the city of eight million people, I already know that there will be a part of me that will always feel a little bit lonely.

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Monique D. said...

Aaaw... :(

Was that a group stretch?! Pretty cool...